Promising International


High-quality product creation and delivery are our main priorities. We offer solution-focused nutrition consulting in addition to first-rate service and the delivery of high-value, economical feed rations.

We strongly believe that international trading is all about trust, transparency and successful execution of each trade. Our name, ‘Promising’ is a reflection of our values and belief, a promise to our partners, that we will always work in an ethical and transparent manner, Ultimately resulting in a mutually prosperous and “Promising” Future.

Our client services are geared into two objectives: Conducting International transactions and developing whole new business ventures that will contribute to global trade. Being a strictly client – centric organization, we understand that our products contribute substantially towards the health and well being of our end clients and consumer. We utilize only the beat quality agricultural produces in the processing of our products. Our products are also subjected to a series of rigorous and elaborate quality control procedures that analyze the various qualitative aspects of our wide product range

Origination & Supply Chain Management

Over the years, Promising has developed a reputation for timely deliveries and quality products. In the midst of the global competitive environment, Promising has emerged as a unique player. What distinguishes Promising is not the fact that we pride ourselves as a trading company, we have our expertise lies in complete supply chain management and distribution, We deliver to some of the challenging places in the world.

Milling Wheat

The milling wheat has a high nutritional value as it contains more protein, lipids, and minerals than other cereals. It is also a good source of dietary fiber, magnesium, and iron. It is mostly used for making flour and can also be used for making pasta.
We at Promising firmly believe that great milling wheat is the basis of outstanding flour, so we go to great lengths to acquire the greatest wheat varietals for particular applications. We use our deep knowledge of the different wheat types, which we import and export from each location. This knowledge, which has been gathered over time, enables us to distinguish between the wheat needed to make the best Parotta flour and that needed to make the best bakery flours.


Refined White Sugar

We recognize that it is extremely necessary to provide our customers with high-quality refined white sugar. We are really proud to offer premium white sugar that satisfies the highest requirements. Our white sugar works wonders in baking, cooking, and beverage sweetening. Our sugar is offered in granulated form, which dissolves fast and makes measuring sugar easy. To match your demands, we also provide a selection of packaging choices. We take pride in offering our customers the best quality we can. We offer a wide variety of sugar items such as White crystal sugar- S30 Icumsa 100, white refined sugar-150 ICUMA, raw sugar, granulated sugar -45ICUMA.



Discover production data of Sesame Seed in Dubai. Get production volume, price data, trends, and more. 


Peanut Meals

It is a highly palatable source of nutrition in animal feed for beef cattle, poultry and aquaculture rations. Peanut meal is an excellent source of protein, minerals and energy.

Ship Chartering & Logistics

Promising’s long term expertise in Ship Chartering and Logistics is definitely a feather in the cap. Emphasis is always laid on providing a safe, cost-effective, efficient and a timely solution. Our years of expertise in handling various projects including steel, fertilizer, grain, coal, industrial equipment and specialized machinery make us the first choice for all your logistical needs. Promising continues to aggressively expand its services though out Middle East, Africa and Europe. We manage all key points of interface including cross border movements every step of the way. In order to deliver their goods in excellent condition, food supply chains can continue to rely on our temperature-controlled services.