Promising International

Agri Products

Our main line of business is the cross trade of agricultural commodities like milling wheat, barley, rice, grains, feeds, pulses, beans, oil seeds, edible oils etc. We focus on producing high quality, accurately mixed products. Together with an outstanding service and delivery of high-value, cost-effective products, we market competitively priced bulk commodities.

Non-Agri Products
We trade a number of non-agricultural commodities like gas oil, fuel oil, diesel, clinker, steam coal, pet coke, jute bags, etc. By connecting supply and demand, we cater to requirements and provide best quality products, services, and solutions to its customers.
Agro Industrial
We undertake Industrial processing of grains under the group arm “Carawan industrial”. We source high quality products and services and accordingly handle and trade various products and goods ranging from fields of agriculture, logistics, industry, mining and also the service sector. The company prides itself in the adoption of the best practices committed to quality assuring our clients and partners the best possible experience.


The Promising Group of Companies was initiated by the establishment of Promising International Trading Co Ltd in 2004 at British Virgin Lands. Subsequently Promising International Trading Co DMCC was incorporated in 2007 as a commercial entity with a focus on the import and export of commodities, edible oils, farm commodities, and their supplies. We have been in the industry for more than Fifteen years and have extensive knowledge of the food industry. Promising International Trading Co DMCC has worked closely with global markets to secure market share, provide effective supply for a diversified range of commodities for import, export, domestic trade and continue offering exceptional services. We have succeeded in building an excellent reputation as a trusted business partner.

Promising Group of Companies take great pride in being the first trading, supplying, and commercial service firm in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. As a dependable business partner, we have been able to establish a strong reputation. Our fundamental principles of truth, dignity, honesty, and respect for our customers, vendors, and financial firms enable us to carry out our government realized while being driven by a desire to dominate the rising market economy. 

As the World’s trade leaders, we stand out for our expertise, competitiveness, and capacity to deliver on time without sacrificing safety and while maintaining the highest standards of quality.


We focus on producing high quality, accurately mixed products. Quality rolled, flaked, and bumped rations and grains.